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Everyday Makeovers

So many of us don’t wear makeup on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. We don’t know how. We feel we don’t have the time. And, when we try to buy makeup, to often we walk out of the deparment store with hundreds of dollars in products we’ll never use or won’t like once we walk out the door.

Mink has a solution. Let us give you an Everyday Makeover that will simplify your makeup routine and allow you to walk out of the door feeling glamorous in under 10 minutes.

Katie, lead stylist and owner of Mink, will use the products you currently have and suggest new product options to create an everyday look that is fabulous. The cost of the makeover is a $50 flat fee and no product purchase is necessary. Katie does not represent or sell any single product line. Rather, she will make recommendations for purchase from lines that best suit your skin type and lifestyle. And if you’d like, she’ll even pick up your new products for you. It’s like having a personal beauty shopper. No more being pressured by makeup artists at the counter!

Included in your makeover:
-- Skin care tips & advice
-- Hair care & styling advice
-- Haircut & coloring guidance
-- Makeup kit evaluation
-- Makeup application instruction
-- Customized product recommendation list
-- Product pickup from select locations

Click here to contact us and set up your Everyday Makeover!

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